No Silver Bullet in SEO

While this article talks about SEO as the Silver Bullet for Small Businesses’s really like I tell clients about so many things, “it’s not a race; it’s a marathon.”

In other  words, instead of trying “game the system,” companies need to take the long view.

The lure of black hat firms was to offer quick fix solutions for immediate results, only to find the rules change on them, as Google, Yahoo and the rest of the search engines adjusted their algorithms.

Let’s face it. What good is driving traffic to your website if it doesn’t lead to results with the bottomline? In other words, if you or I did a search for iPhone apps, only to find the latest claims for making fortunes on the Internet, how long are we likely to stay on that site, much less buy anything?

Sure, there are those who cling to the idea that 2-3% will bite, and in their eyes those are great results because ]over time this can produce a healthy income with the right product.

But in the long run? Doesn’t this eventually get drowned out in the noise of information overload? Aren’t we back to the Mis-information Age when search engines provide marginally useful results?


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