In case you haven’t heard…

..the Google party is over.. well, more like it’s time to clean up last night’s craziness..

So, this article from INC magazine “6 Big Myths About SEO” clears up a lot of the common misconceptions that may have been true at one point but no longer worth your time or resources..

Myth 1: Metatag Descriptions Help Your Rankings

It is still displayed with your URL, so a well-written blurb can entice a click, of course.

Myth 2: The More Inbound Links, the Better

Choose QUALITY over quantity. Can you leverage a social media giant like Facebook? or retail juggernaut, Amazon? Having a review from a live person is worth much more than some random pasted link.

Myth 3: PageRank Still Matters

Sure, it still matters but again think QUALITY.

Myth 4: Google Prefers Keyword-Rich Domains

Again, QUALITY – starting to see a pattern??

Myth 5: Websites Must Be ‘Submitted’ to Search Engines

Waste of time and or resources.

Myth 6: Good SEO Is Basically About Trickery

“Good SEO is about creating a relevant, informative website, with unique content and great user experience, and encouraging the sharing and distribution of great content to drive organic publicity and links back to your site,” says the author.

Wow, what a concept? Gaming the system is not only discouraged, but it’s actually a waste of time and resources? Maybe some things don’t change ..for the better!


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