Live Stream to YouTube – IndieCreative Q&A Stream to YouTube – IndieCreative Q&A

You’ve got questions about live video on YouTube – I’ve got some answers. Tune in & see if we have a surprise guest stops by. More details to come!

0:24 – YouTube live stream vs Google Hangout

2:24 – 30 Days to Become a Creative Jedi Master

4:12 – Google Hangouts vs YouTube live stream

7:48 – patience with Google Hangouts & YouTube live stream

10:44 – Triston Goodwin joins us to talk about beacons and YouTube results

12:56 – demo of bluetooth beacon and how sexy they are

13:32 – how beacons work & zoo case study

15:24 – what cool things a indie musician can do with beacons

17:54 – moving on from talking about the same thing (Triston on life after Weebly) Creative Entrepreneur

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