What makes me uniquely qualified to help your business rocket to new heights of success?

Even as a kid, I knew that I wanted either to become an astronaut or to go into business.. or both!  (Mr. Branson, if you’re looking for volunteers for Virgin Galactic..)

I read INC magazine the way that some folks read the sports pages. In fact, my brother and I even formed our first corporation when I was 8 years old or so!

Our parents brought us to the States in 1972, seeking a better life – the American Dream. They wanted their children to have a chance for an education that would lead to more opportunities than they had.

So, I got my Bachelors Degree in Aerospace Engineering, which means, I guess, that I can say that this web marketing stuff isn’t rocket science!

After serving in the Navy for 10 years, I earned my MBA and now I was ready for the corporate world. A brief stint with AT&T led to my first ventures in real estate and business brokering.

Now having studied direct response and web copywriting with AWAI—American Writers and Artists Institute – I have worked with small business owners in service industries, including construction, wholesalers, restaurants, real estate

When I’m not advising clients on SEO copywriting, email campaigns, or other aspects of Internet marketing, I enjoy my passions in Argentine tango, aikido, flying, reading.

Find me on LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook.


2 responses to “About

  1. John: I know you thru United Notaries. Interesting blog. I think I could learn a lot from you. I have just started an e-commerce site selling rubber stamps and am about to launch another for notaries. Good luck in your endeavors.

  2. Thanks, Tom – it’s definitely a work-in-progress. Just realized that my passion is helping creative entrepreneurs. So now I’m working on content that they may be interested in sharing.

    Let me know if there’s anything that you’d be interested in reading more about.

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