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Indie Creative Welcome 2017 Creative Welcome 2017

Just wanted to record a short message to new subscribers and welcome them to the Indie Creative community!

I share some of what this channel is about and who it’s for – (hint: it’s not for those who want someone with all the answers!) Most of all, we know that you have many choices for viewing so we appreciate you flying with us today! Creative Entrepreneur


Live Stream to YouTube – IndieCreative Q&A Stream to YouTube – IndieCreative Q&A

You’ve got questions about live video on YouTube – I’ve got some answers. Tune in & see if we have a surprise guest stops by. More details to come!

0:24 – YouTube live stream vs Google Hangout

2:24 – 30 Days to Become a Creative Jedi Master

4:12 – Google Hangouts vs YouTube live stream

7:48 – patience with Google Hangouts & YouTube live stream

10:44 – Triston Goodwin joins us to talk about beacons and YouTube results

12:56 – demo of bluetooth beacon and how sexy they are

13:32 – how beacons work & zoo case study

15:24 – what cool things a indie musician can do with beacons

17:54 – moving on from talking about the same thing (Triston on life after Weebly) Creative Entrepreneur

Crowdfunding a Comic Legacy w/ #IndieCreative Bill Blankenship a Comic Legacy w/ #IndieCreative Bill Blankenship

How do you crowdfund a comic story about superhero chickens, father-son relationships & mental illness? #IndieCreative Bill Blankenship shares his creative journey from idea to launch of Thunderchickens.

For more on his Kickstarter campaign –

Or Bill’s art – Creative Entrepreneur

#1min1take – Day 4 – Hitting Your Darkest Moments of Creative Struggle – Day 4 – Hitting Your Darkest Moments of Creative Struggle

#1min1take – What happens when you’re still struggling as creative –
via YouTube Capture Creative Entrepreneur

Creative Entrepreneurs Journey with Childrens Author Beatrice Bowles Entrepreneurs Journey with Childrens Author Beatrice Bowles

Children’s Author Beatrice Bowles shares her story as a storyteller and writer. To learn more about Bea visit her website –

For show notes visit Bush Pilot Marketing –

To learn about the creative entrepreneur’s journey –

Contact us if you’d like to be a featured indie artist –

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Creative Entrepreneur Journey with Indie Film Maker Dawn Fields Entrepreneur Journey with Indie Film Maker Dawn Fields

Indie Film Maker Dawn Fields talks about her film making journey from working as an extra to producing her first films. To learn more about Dawn and her projects visit –

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Confessions of a Creative Entrepreneur of a Creative Entrepreneur

How demanding creativity help you make a living is like yelling at a cat..! Creative Entrepreneur