Interview with Startup Consultant, John Gale with Startup Consultant, John Gale

Startup consultant John Gale shares why he loves working with startups and advising them on how to grow their businesses through the startup life cycle. To visit Taligo –

How entrepreneurs often get in trouble with startups
What you need to know before funding / capital for your startup
Why you need to build relationships with investors well before seeking funding
What “creative” entrepreneurs need to do if they are not business-minded
How to prepare before approaching early stage investors Creative Entrepreneur


Building an App to Delight – #IndieCreative Felipe Ferri an App to Delight – #IndieCreative Felipe Ferri

How did Felipe Ferri crowdsource an app that people didn’t know they wanted? We share his #IndieCreative Entrepreneur’s journey and find out how he got from behind the computer and in front of his ideal customers. Creative Entrepreneur

Sharing Our Stories with Pictures w/ #IndieCreative, Barb Orozco

Sharing Our Stories with Pictures w/ #IndieCreative, Barb Orozco

Finding stories buried in photos lost on devices and smartphones – Barb Orozco aka “The Photo Whisperer” shares her journey in helping you to set them free again!

We talk about how a moment with her father started Barb in making sure that our stories are not lost with photos buried in hard drives.

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IndieCreative Chef Chris Hill on Finding Success in Your Life’s Work

IndieCreative Chef Chris Hill on Finding Success in Your Life’s Work

Chef Chris Hill is back to shares more of his journey in finding success in uncommon hours. Learn more about his new book –

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How to Make Money Playing Games – IndieCreative Q&A to Make Money Playing Games – IndieCreative Q&A

Annika Utgaard shares some tips for making money online by playing video games. We talk about her journey and how she got started. To join our next online workshop –

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Where to Find Your Creative Inspiration

Where to Find Your Creative Inspiration

Kyle MacDonald of One Red Paper Clip shares his secret for finding creative ideas and inspiration by getting lost and following his curiosity. For more of our talk –
For more notes –
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How Dancing Tango Allowed Me to Move Again

How Dancing Tango Allowed Me to Move Again

Dana Parker shares what the Butterfly Technique is about and why it’s so important in today’s sedentary ways and disconnected society – more here..

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