Indie Entrepreneur Hangout with Mike Georgia Entrepreneur Hangout with Mike Georgia

Join me for another creative entrepreneur on their journey – Mike Georgia is a musician who’s worked on solo projects and collaborations. We’ll talk about his challenges and successes in growing as both an artist and entrepreneur. Creative Entrepreneur

How Storytelling Inspires Creativity Storytelling Inspires Creativity

Before I went to this storytelling festival I thought it was about tall tales and theatrics. Not only did I learn the truth, I discovered how storytelling is essential to our creative lives.

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Creative Freedom Freedom

What does freedom mean to a creative entrepreneur? I share some of my thought about “life, liberty & the pursuit of creative freedom” – Creative Entrepreneur

Push Your Creativity Envelope Your Creativity Envelope

I share how to go beyond our comfort zone to achieve breakthroughs in creativity and become the creative entrepreneur we’re meant to be – Creative Entrepreneur

How Your Environment Influences Your Creativity Your Environment Influences Your Creativity

Who you surround yourself with will affect your success as a creative entrepreneur. “You’re the average of the five people you spend the most time with” – Jim Rohn
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Helping You Connect with Your 1000 True Fans on Elance You Connect with Your 1000 True Fans on Elance

I share my “why” in helping other creative entrepreneurs share their unique gifts to the world.

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T Minus 3 Hours 32 Minutes.. Minus 3 Hours 32 Minutes..

Getting down to the minutes before launch.. Here’s the link – Creative Entrepreneur